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Complete Tire Recycling (CTR) was founded in 1987 as a full service tire recycler with the ability to vulcanize repairs to tires servicing the construction, mining, agriculture and industrial industries. CTR is a licensed transporter and processor of scrapped tires, the splitting and quartering along with grinding of tires, in the State of Texas. We have two 18 wheelers and one hot shot truck to service customers in the Texas and Arkansas areas.

Located in Ennis, Texas, our campus is housed on 10 acres with over 34,000 square feet under roof. We have four primary functions on site: repair, disposal, used tires and recycling.

The repair area has three employees with over 15 years of experience each. In the repair area, they will evaluate the tires that come in for repair and determine if they can be repaired. The tire will then go through an additional inspection and preparation before the new rubber is vulcanized onto the tire. Once the new rubber has been vulcanized onto the tire, the tire will go through a final clean-up and inspection process. The tire will then be shipped back to the customer or the customer will come and pick-up the tire.

The disposal area is housed under 4,600 square feet of roof. We will grade all scrap tires that come into the facility and some will be selected for the disposal process and some will be selected for the used tire process. We are able to dispose of tires ranging in size from 4-inch in diameter to 63-inch wheel size. The disposal process involves chopping the tires into smaller sizes that will allow any of the waste to be land filled. The used tire process grades all scrap tires that come in and those that can be repaired are repaired and are placed into the used tire inventory. Some tires are bought from customers and sold to other customers.

The recycling process regenerates tires for a variety of useful and beneficial purposes. CTR has a total of 17 employees on site. We have an office staff that can be reached during the hours of 8 AM to 5 PM for assistance.

Mary Ann Hager is our primary contact person and she can be reached at 972-875-8427. She and George Montemayor, yard supervisor, can assist in locating a used tire or tire repair for you. Dirk Crawford, President in charge of outside sales, can be reached at 972-935-6678. Dirk is also in charge of our hot shot service so if you need a tire quickly, Dirk is the one to contact as he will be the one coordinating the shipment. Each individual has been in the business for over 15 years and possess an outstanding knowledge of the processes and services that are offered at CTR.