1. Do you vulcanize tires? 

Yes, we do. Our repairs are vulcanized into the existing rubber making them stronger than a regular patch/plug repair.

2. How long does it take to have a load of used tires picked up? 

We are able to work in customers within a two-week time period.

3. How quick can you get a tire repaired? 

Our normal turnaround is one week.

4. Do you have a hot shot service? 

Yes, we do.

5. Any special instructions for drop-off or pick-up at our facility? 

Front, overhead door

6. Any special instructions for CTR drop-off or pick-up at your location? 

Must be able to load us and want full load at least one way.

7. Areas services? 

Routes are normally what we can drive in 1 day with a few overnight businesses.

8. Do you ship outside of area? 

Customer would pay shipping

9. Do you buy tires and how do you pay? 

Yes, and we pay with Check or Credit. Some times we trade services.

10. Main contact person and email for inquiries? 

Elizabeth Perez –

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Our Philosophy

“Business is built on servicing the customer. Whether it is repairs or recycling. Always try to take care of our customer’s needs.”